Ilsa's Birthday, Part II - Conclusion

I didn't even have time to snap a decent photo of the completed Elmo cake before my little cake fiend, the birthday girl, went at him with open hands. Forget spoons and forks! Ah well. At least my accomplishment was appreciated and eaten this time, as opposed to the Blue's Clues cake (which was thoroughly rejected at the time by an ill Juliette).

The train set (a generic version of this Thomas set) and extra trains are a big hit, as is the Mr. Potato Head suitcase. Juliette is especially keen on the latter. The See-and-Say will get much more attention when it becomes "most prized car toy" on our trip to my parents' farm next week. Thanks again to my in-laws, my parents, and my grandma for the gifts.

Two years ago today, at 11:17am EST, Ilsa was born. I am glad I believe in Hypothetical Third Baby, lest all of these birthdays get me down. How fast my little ones are growing! (And, on a related note, how quickly I must be aging.) Happy birthday Ilsa, my baby girl!


Mircalla said...

Happy Birthday, Ilsa!!

The cake is very sweet! What a bright red!

Tess said...

Great cake!

Did you find directions for that somewhere, or did you make it up youself? I know Ben would love one just like it, and I have until May to figure out how to make one.

Did anyone find it disturbing to eat Elmo?

carrie_lofty said...

I didn't find it weird at all eating the little red guy. The kids were fine too. Ilsa was much more interested in the fact it was cake. Elmo seemed a little incidental because of her overwhelming cake lust. I bought the face pan from a specialty cake store, in order to save shipping from the Wilton site. The instructions are there in PDF so you can judge whether or not you want to attempt it!