Don't Come Knocking (2005)

Sam Shepard (Howard), Jessica Lange (Doreen), Tim Roth (Sutter), Gabriel Mann (Earl)

Directed by Wim Wenders (The Million Dollar Hotel)

My Summary: After thirty years of drugs, women and reckless living, actor Howard Spence abandons his current movie. He reconnects with his mother, a former girlfriend, and himself -- and discovers the existence of two children he didn't know he had fathered.

Is there a more tedious movie director than Wim Wenders? He creates beautiful panoramas, sure, but also nauseating, circling camera work, deliberate and distracting marks for his actors to hit, and... Christ, just the SLOWNESS.

Shepard was terrible, Sarah Polley was lovely, Tim Roth was decidedly wonderful (the highlight of the film was his cookie scene with Eva Marie Saint), Fairuza Balk was not required to stretch much past her "be strange like a weirder Parker Posey" routine, and Jessica Lange has had very obvious work done. Oh, and Bono added a cursory song to the score. What does he see in Wim anyway??

Sorry folks, but I just cannot devote more time to this film than it has already sucked out of my day. I cannot even be bothered to correct all the passive voice I've used to describe it. Pretentious, restrained, esoteric, unemotional crap like this makes the recent spate of documentaries we've watched appear all the more entertaining.


Cora said...

I know a guy who had Wenders as a professor at film school - and apparently the man was deadly dull in person as well. Half the students nodded off during the lecture.

Michelle (dkm) said...

deleting from the Netflix queue... Thx for the heads up!

Pacze Moj said...

It's not like the title didn't warn you...


For penance, go watch the 280-minute version of Until the End of the World.

carrie_lofty said...

Can I just listen to the song of the same title by U2, a masterpiece AND only four minutes? :) And where have you been????

Pacze Moj said...

I'm around. But mostly in the library, with my nose stuck between stacks of books. And I'm keeping extra busy by worrying about school applications, which are creeping up. I can't decide if I want to be rich or happy.

And I've been reading your manuscript.