Juliette's Ballet Recital No. 2

Thanksgiving was enjoyable, with Mom working for two days to feed everyone the traditional family favorites. In attendance: Keven, the girls and I, Mom & Dad, Casey, Jess & Lily, and Jess's dad and step-mom. They arrived late, driving up from Kentucky, so dinner was delayed by about two hours. I was SO hungry by the time we sat down. Keven wasn't feeling well, crippled by some nauseating, dizzifying sickness that eventually struck me as well. We drove home yesterday evening, which was a good thing because I have been rather dizzy and miserable today. I'm glad we got all of the driving out of the way.

Now that we've returned from Thanksgiving at my parents' house, land of dial-up, I can catch up on posts I've meant to write.

Juliette had her second ballet recital last Friday, which went amazingly well. Not only did she have no problem with getting on stage, she actually managed to dance! She hit beats and everything! This is a marked improvement from last time, when my only goal was for her to get through the event without tears. Then, dancing was a secondary concern. Six months will do that for a kid. We will be doing the class again, starting in late January, for both Ilsa and Juliette. I am really curious as to what Ilsa will do in a class by herself... Yikes.

If you are interested in seeing the video, leave a comment to indicate as much. I will upload the five minute clip sometime this week and e-mail everyone privately with the link.

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