Random Things

UPDATE: My hubby. Pervy, smert, kinda awkward guy.
I'm glad Keven's interview in Chicago was yesterday. Today, a cold blast made the roads a nightmare for morning commuters. We'll know his status as of next week. Or so they say.
My Golden Heart entry for Salzburg Serenade arrived at RWA headquarters yesterday, just under the wire. The deadline to receive entries is Monday. Relief. I also mailed the required information to attain Pro Status with RWA, which essentially means I've completed a manuscript and submitted it to publishers or agents. Tax wise, it makes me an official, unemployed author with all of the write-off benefits that entails.
Laundry sucks.
Because I do not have enough of a web presence, I have started a multi-person blog for authors who write historical romances -- but not any ole' Regency or Scottish Highlands tale. Visit Unusual Historicals for the skinny. I'm working my meager contacts to find more contributors. Send them my way if you accidentally know anyone who might be interested.


Keven said...

I think it's kind of sad that pervy comes before smart.

carrie_lofty said...

Just tellin' it like it is.

Tess said...

Congrats on being an official unemployed author!