Sweet, Sweet Progress

My wrist and I surely want this to work. Reviews on Amazon are good for the product itself, but the customer support stinks. Here's hoping my brand new laptop is fast enough and I won't need to talk to lazy techies! If you're interested, get it from Amazon -- I saved $58 off the company website price and got free shipping!

Now this begs the question: how in the world am I gonna write with this silly contraption? Can I actually write some of the fluffy prose required of a romance writer, let alone the infamous sex scenes? Normally, the kids go to bed and I start to write. Keven shares the same space with me -- the living room, the bedroom -- as we physically commune with our laptops, side-by-side, even on those nights when we don't do much talking. But can I sit with him and talk my very rough ideas into being?

I'll have to if I want to save my wrist. My left wrist brace is permanent when I sit at a computer, and my fingers are starting to ache with a pain akin to what arthritics describe. No matter the adjustment period as I get over my embarrassment, I'll have fun laying down a rough draft at the speed of talking. It will save time, even if eventual edits chew up any time saved!

My typing speed was 86 WPM with 89% accuracy. How'd you do?

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Jessica said...

I imagine that your "writing" some of the scenes in the room with Keven might cause some, um, interruptions in your writing. ;-)