Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I am writing this blog post using the voice recognition software I received from Amazon today. I'm not going to make any corrections using a keyboard or mouse; instead, I'm typing the entire text using only my voice.

This may be the greatest invention I have ever used, except for Tampax and showers. Now, if only I can learn to think out loud.


Jessica said...

Damn! That's pretty good!

carrie_lofty said...

Aside from periods and commas, I add the punctuation myself. That makes dialogue a little difficult. And I tend to use the mouse because I don't know the commands to differentiate between text and telling them what to do. Since I bought the software to save my wrist while typing, using the mouse isn't that difficult. (I typed all of this using the software as well.)

I am curious to see what vocab it knows and doesn't know, particularly with regard to the sex scenes and medieval terminology I'm using in my current WIP. And the best part about it is the machine never makes a spelling mistake. It might get the words wrong, but it knows how to spell "differentiate" on the first try.

Mircalla said...

This software looks amazing. But, does it really save you time and your wrist? Do you get serious troubles with your wrist?

In the old times we used to use a portable recorder. I loved to record my voice, modulate it and the listen to it in secret.

I think aloud all the time... In fact, I alway talk aloud to myself, and sometimes people catch me red handed... and I pass for a nutter. Eh eh eh. : )

Tampax ~ I hate them! I use them only to swim...

carrie_lofty said...

Typing for any length of time, even a short e-mail, causes a great deal of pain in my left wrist. My hope for this software is that the bulk of the physical act of typing can be done by speaking, thus saving a great deal of pain and damage to my joints and tendons. I've been working with the software for an hour, trying to write another blog post, and thinking aloud for me--the process of creating prose by speaking--is incredibly foreign. I tend to write dialogue for my books by acting out a scene in private, so writing the conversations this way will not be a great change. However, I think for the rest of the prose, especially lengthy descriptive passages, I will write them out by hand ahead of time and read them directly into a word processor.

Mircalla said...

Wow... I wonder why some people get it and others don't. The change I noticed in my wrists over the last 5 years (I did hardly use computer in my uni years) is that they tend to naturally fold down. Also, I had a protuberance in my internal wrist and it then disappeared, like if it got re-absorbed... somewhere. Weird!

Que tengas una buena practica!