First Kiss Contest

I received the results of the first contest I entered -- First Kiss 2006, sponsored by the New England chapter of RWA.

I did not final, but my results are encouraging. I scored 122 points (between two judges) out of a possible 150. Of 41 entries in the historical category, 50% scored above 105. The top six scores went on to the finals. A surprising 13 people, me included, scored above 120 -- which means the competition was tough at the top. I was right in the running.

I submitted this entry waaaaay back on September 26. What does that date mean? Considering that I finished the first draft on September 10, the entry came straight from my brain, unadulterated. No one had yet critiqued the MS in any form. Raw stuff! Appalling! To those who have since read the draft(s), you will be pleased to know that your comments about my style, particularly my wordiness, reflected in the judging. Ann, the beardy old narrator did me in.

As I go about slaying that dragon, I hope to kick submission booty next time...


Keven said...

Straight from your thinky thing?

Fang Bastardson said...

Congrats! Even for just having the courage to submit. And having feedback from a panel of judges certainly has to provide guidance on how to proceed on "Redeeming Will Scarlet." For instance, I'm assuming Merlin the Magician will not be narrating...?

Anonymous said...

Hee! Beardy old narrator.

Yeah, he needed to go. He belongs in a book like Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell with lots of quasi-scholastic footnotes. But congratulations on doing that well with a first draft. That's very encouraging.

Hurry up with RWS, I wanna read more!