Golden Heart

Rock on! Today, mere hours before we leave for our flight from O'Hare, FedEx delivered the five entries I will judge for Golden Heart. If anyone out there submitted to the long historical category, I have either your entry or your competition right here. This is going to be fun.

Keven is 1.5 hours away from finishing the Semester of Ick and Pressure, which followed the Interminable Summer of Distant Longing. We're looking forward to the Spring of Copious Job Offers and Slacking, but who knows what we'll wind up with in reality.

Last night, I topped 10,000 words on Will Scarlet AND finished the last of our Christmas shopping. Life is good. Off to pack...

Have a great holiday, everyone.


Jessica said...

Have fun in England!

Reckless Monkey said...

we're very excited to have you come - party time with babies! (small people anyway)