Non Sequitors

I suffer this sneaking fear that I'm wasting my best, most original writing ideas on early books. What it, by the time I get around to becoming published and known, I've used up the good ideas and can only write about billionaire tycoons and secret babies? Shudder!
I am being bombarded by family and friends who want to know what Keven, the girls and I want for Christmas. And while I should no be overly concerned about generous people who want to give us presents, I just haven't made a moment to stop and think. I really want free time! Then I start to freak out about how little time I must have remaining, because so many other are done or nearing done with their holiday prep. But no. It's only the 5th. We leave for England in two weeks, but we still have time to make cookies (today), do the present listing thing (tomorrow), and decorate (Saturday). I'll get there.
Still no news yet about Keven's job interview. We're supposed to know by the end of the week. That would be the top top top Christmas gift.

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to read what you thought of Thank You for Smoking. Hysterical.