I am Varjak, Paul!! Not in the field of romance, but because of my thesis.

This weekend, while writing the bio for my website, I checked the Ohio State University library system for the title of my thesis. I do not have a copy, and I can never remember that pretentious bit of nonsense: "Reading Jesse James and Wild Bill: the Origins of Two Western Legends and the Search for Post-Bellum Identity." I should, but I simply erased--literally--all traces of that experience upon discovering a non-academic life.

Anyway--someone checked out my thesis. It's in someone's home. Right now. Due back on January 25. How freaky is that?? I cannot imagine anyone consulting that dreck for ideas or research, but there you have it. Little goosebumps.

The picture is Josh Brolin as Wild Bill Hikock from "The Young Riders"--becuase the real guy is never as cute as the actor.

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