Redeeming My Week

This morning, we awoke to about an inch of white stuff all over the ground. No biggie, really, but then I didn't have to travel outside. Keven, however...

I am feeling particularly accomplished despite having little to show for a week's worth of pissing around. Good things:

My new blog group is slowly gaining like-minded contributors. This bizarre-o scheme might have legs if I put another year of energy into its promotion. Agents tell authors they need a platform. Mine will be an inch high, but at least I'll have one.

After accidentally tipping my hand as a reforming grammar nerd, my critique circle has asked that I conduct a workshop on grammar and style in September. Positive: I have plenty of time to justify how it is I compose sentences, a process that vaguely coincides with proper usage. Negative: I'll be doing a workshop on GRAMMAR. Snore!

Edits on Serenade are progressing well. I am speeding along at about 20 pages a day. Snort. I think I wrote the damn thing faster. However, this umpteenth read-through is revealing a number of subtle emotional breaks and jumps that I need to smooth. The prospect of adding material, while frustrating because I have considered the darned thing finished for a number of months, is actually a good thing. Edits have made it skinny; I need to fatten up the word count.

Tonight, I attend the MSO's Christmas Spectacular. Nice clothes. Night out by myself. Sexy old man DeMain. Best Seats Ever™.

I discovered two musical surprises: Goldfrapp's self-titled debut and INXS's Hutchence-less Switch. Goldfrapp's catchy, mindless, trance-like disco pop is surprisingly soulful and energizing. I have woken with "Ride a White Horse" slinking around in my brain for a number of days now. It's like the best sort of upbeat background noise. I truly held little hope for the INXS album, but new lead singer JD Fortune -- a former Elvis impersonator, if that gives you a hint about his true talent -- is happily passable. If I squint my brain just right, I can almost forget about Hutchence's death more than nine years ago. "Devil's Party," "Hot Girls" (I know, I know), and especially "Hungry" prove solid rock tracks, kickin' it late 80s old school.

And finally -- ta-dah!! Today, I started writing Redeeming Will Scarlet. My anemic little progress meter will chug right along through the holidays, during which I only expect 500 words a day from myself. Between the trip to England, research into a new historical period (Medieval England), and holiday prep, I will be pleased to round out December with 15,000 words.

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Mircalla said...

I actually annotated a couple of queries re. the sintax of some of your sentences. Steve messed around with the hardware the other day and as a result our Pc is not working now. : (

I am still at work... but about to leave... Have a good w/e.