Home Again, Home Again

After a record-breaking run through Chicago, we made it back home in about four and a half hours. Dude! Hardly any snow, NO traffic, and the girls slept for the last third of the trip. Excellent time, really. After I dropped off Keven and the kids, I went out and ran errands -- groceries, bank, new headset for my voice recognition software, library, and drug store. Keven put the kids to bed -- Juliette has a full-on cold now and threw up while I was gone -- and did the unpacking. I put away the groceries, cleaned out Tulip's bowl, made dinner, and watched "American Idol." Yay for proper coffee! Yay for stocked shelves! Yay for home! Tomorrow: back to work and, bright and early at 9am, the girls' first pre-school music class. I'm taking earplugs and Zen thoughts.


Ann(ie) said...

Yay!! Welcome back, you've been missed. The ole blogstead isn't the same without ya, darlin'.

Note: verification word = cchpy, sounds like something one orders to eat in a London pub. Or hires for the night.

Jessica said...

Hey, at least you got to miss the vomit for once! Glad to hear you're all home safe.