HP -- The Ongoing Saga II

After a total of thirteen e-mails, HP finally acknowledged that Keven's iPod is indeed under warranty. I told them! Two days ago! The credit card charge statement I e-mailed them proved my case. Yay! After they updated the warranty, I received the golden ticket of customer service: the phone number to talk to an actual person.

After a 48 minute phone call with Rasesh -- I'm assuming that's his real name this time! -- we have an official case number. I had to explain everything all over again while he wrote up a service order, but at least I achieved results. They are sending us a new iPod, placing a collateral hold on our credit card while they wait to receive the defective one. I feel a small bit of victory, but I will not rejoice in full until a) we have a working machine, and b) we have the hold taken off our credit card -- their admission that the iPod is actually broken.

Notice that I pressed the point with HP only because Apple provided such good customer service when we encountered this issue before. I had something to compare it to. Also, because I was in the right, I had some leverage. It will cost them very little to resolve this, just an outmoded iPod they must have laying around in a warehouse somewhere.

By contrast, the issue I recently had with one of our credit card companies (they charged us some fees that I contested) was different. Credit card companies don't care. Ever. Not with fees, anyway. They are used to working with people who have shitty credit and lots of excuses. Pressing the point with them would not have produced any successes, so I dropped the matter and closed my account with them.

I pick my battles and, in this case, HP relented. I've just had to work for it, the bastards. I await the Shuffle in the mail so I can claim victory. Who cares if Keven listens to music again -- I just want to win!

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Tess said...

Congratulations on your victory!

I hate dealing with customer service stuff, but persistence really does pay.