Terrifying Baby Music

Yesterday, aside from catching up on my movie review backlog and letting them watch too much TV, I took the girls to their first pre-school music class. Yay -- far less annoying than I feared. The retired preschool lady, Janet, brought an electronic keyboard and played songs, told stories, and generally proved to be one of the least intimidating, least offensive people I have ever met. In other words, she has the perfect temperament for leading little kids in a classroom environment.

Some people have no problem with class participation:
  • During "Old MacDonald," who shouted out the next animal for each verse?
  • Who tests boundaries, deciding that musical free movement around the classroom also includes the hallway?
  • When Janet allowed the kids to practice on her keyboard at the end of class, one at a time, who was the first to jump from a seat?
  • Who volunteered to lead the class in the hidden, second verse of "Ring Around the Rosy" and show everyone how to perform it? ("The cows are in the meadow / Eating buttercups / Ashes, ashes, we all stand up.")
The answer to each questions is Juliette, of course. Ilsa proved much more reticent, smiling whenever she recognized a song, as if to say, "Hey, how does that lady know our song?" They were both well-behaved, Janet kept the pace quick and organized, and lots of parental participation ensured that the kids stayed focused, engaged, and generally happy. Not a bad way to spend 45 minutes on a Wednesday morning.

That said, I noticed that I am unused to sitting in a classroom. In the (shit!) nearly seven years since I've been in a class, I've idealized the experience. I really do love to learn new things. The idea of taking select, interesting courses holds great appeal for me. But I'd forgotten the sheer boredom of waiting for a disliked class to end. I flicked my eyes to the clock at 9:20, at 9:35, at 9:40. While not as bad as junior year math class, the experience served as a gentle reminder that my glasses might be rosier than I supposed.

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