I used to use Netscape. Until yesterday. Everything started frickin' up, jamming every 20 seconds or so. How annoying!! I transferred my favorites to Explorer with no problem, but Netscape had this nifty thing where it loaded logins and passwords automatically whenever I went to a webpage that required them. Like Blogger. And Yahoo. And my website hosting. And all my finance pages. Etc. All that's gone. Watch this -- I'll have forgotten all of my passwords and have to keep looking them up for the next two weeks, inputting them manually.

Also, the Zokoutu word meter site has been hacked. It's gone. So my nice little progress bars have been zapped. Poop.

And this "waking up early" thing kinda sucks. I've decided that the problem with me writing at night is not the "at night" part, but the "me writing" part. Any time I gain by waking up early is consumed with first-thing e-mails and blog surfing. Which is fine. I just can't expect to use that time to get actual work done.


Ann(ie) said...

Zokoutu hacked? Who the heck would want to do that? Hm, and why is my counter still okay? *puzzled*

Jeff said...

Have you tried firefox? As far as I can tell it does a pretty good job of remembering passwords and the like. And its intuitive enough even for me.

Fang Bastardson said...

Jeff is right on the money. Firefox is the way to go. It's Netscape's replacement across the board. Me and The Missus love it, and she's a tech advisor to a major state university.

"Make it so!"