Back to Life

Back to reality.

Last night, I finished my reconstruction of Serenade. I'm about 1000 words lower than I billed it to editors, but that may change. My friend and fabulous copyeditor Kelly is checking it out as we speak, so maybe she'll find room for a little bit more. I should have it out by Wednesday, after integrating her proof. Makes me wonder: are self-imposed deadlines harder to keep than real ones? Coz I wanted this out the door last Wednesday.

Today, I return to the Land of Snow. My household tasks are many. Keven took care of the girls almost 100% yesterday so I could wrap up this project -- for now. I'm assuming that, with any luck and an offer, I will have a zillion things to do to it eventually. Annie said I'd hate it by the time I'm through, and while I cannot imagine actual loathing, my creations are beginning to wear.

Oh yes, my house. Chicken coops are more hygienic. Basement crawl spaces are more appealing. Much, much work awaits. And I should probably re-introduce myself to those small females walking around. "Hello, young humans. I am the one you call Mother." "Oooooh, she has returned as the Prophecy foretold!"

Speaking of prophecies, I'd make predictions about the work I'll do tonight, but that would be silly. Will Scarlet word count. Website update. A crit on Kelly's story to repay her for her emergency read-thru. Agent list. Sleep. It's a tossup. I need to get with it, folks. This seat-of-my-pants living is just not working. Well, it works -- but while living in the confines of a chicken coop crawl space.


Ann(ie) said...

I would lend you my maid if you didn't have the bad sense to live in Wisconsin! Weird thing, some games store in Wisconsin (a state I haven't been to in like 15 years!) sent me an email to let me know they're hiring. I sort of blinked at that, wondering if they wanted computer customer service people but no, it was someone to run the register and stock the shelves. Tempting, but no. The commute would be a bit silly.

Kelly Schaub said...

Can the "awesome copyeditor" beg for a link from your site to my copyediting business site? Pretty please?