Book Done, For Real

A little more than five months after finishing my first draft of Serenade, and 17 days on from receiving a full request, I completed the final MS about an hour ago. Happy happy joy joy. It is currently printing, and I will take it to the post office this afternoon.

Since that first draft, when no one had read a single word, at least six people have read the entire book -- although none in its current form. At least 19 people contributed to its completion, including: Doreen Alsen, Ann Aguirre, Carin Andreski, Patti Ann Colt, Michelle Curet, Cathleen DeLong, Diane Drew, Cathy Hill, Kalen Hughes, Maya Missani, Jennifer Ritzema, Kate Rothwell, Kelly Schaub, Isabel L. Scott, Silvia Segatori, Lindsey Sodano, Pam Strout, Carin van Doremalen, and Kristin Marie Wall. My husband and family permitted me leave to ignore them long enough to make it work.

I got damn lucky with this full request, not just in receiving the request but in what that letter has done for my MS. Serenade would have languished, a nearly-formed idea, without the incentive to really kick its ass. Now all I can do is wish it luck... and start reviewing my list of possible agents... and repay the favors I owe my crit partners... and search Sherwood to find Will Scarlet.


Jeff said...


Even if it never goes any further than this, that's quite an accomplishment.

And I hope it goes a lot further than this.

Ann(ie) said...

Woohoo! Grats. I finished my edits for Guide today also, so expect some RWS feedback sometime tomorrow.

lindseysoda said...

Hooray for you! I just loved the book and I can't wait to get my autographed copy when it comes out!