Drawing Break

Because Juliette is trying my nerves today, I decided to extol her virtues online and remind myself of why she's such a kool kat. Here are three of her latest drawings:
This is, obviously, a frog. It's just about to lose its tail to become a grown-up. Her printing has progressed tremendously since March of last year.

This is, obviously, a penguin. The fact that it is obviously a penguin, and the above is obviously a frog, attests to her increasing skill. Note: both drawings are free hand, from memory. She DID NOT copy the penguin or the frog from any image.

And, in honor of Valentine's Day, this is a drawing of Hammie & Hadoo (the British bears on the right, who are in love) and their imaginary friends, Green & Color (who are also in love).


amicacarmilla said...

she is really really good!!!!

Tess said...

Great drawings!! I love seeing what's inside a kid's imagination when they put it on paper with crayon :-)