Ming the Merciless

This evening, I finished all of my edits on Serenade... except for the ELEVEN FULL PAGES of backstory I cut from the first fifty pages of text. Yikes! This is the from the partial I thought was so peachy keen when I sent it to Golden Heart -- the one that convinced a generous and wise publisher to request a full. I hadn't read the opening three chapters since November, so I had very fresh eyes. And my eyes were bored.

One of the women in my critique circle -- quoting, I think, from a craft of writing book -- compared backstory to a sheet of window glass. You need to smash the glass and sprinkle the pieces throughout the story. Really, for the sake of my word count, I NEED those eleven pages (roughly 3,000 words). But doing a nearly nonstop read-through over the last two days, I saw the story as a whole, finding so many other places to stick those shards for better effect. That's my goal for tomorrow. I mail it on Saturday.

I miss Will Scarlet something terrible.


Ann(ie) said...

Toldja the first three chapters were slow and that you needed to lose the beardy narrator who snuck in and stood behind them waxing poetic about their kisses.

Fang Bastardson said...

I like the idea of leavening in your backstory concurrent with your major storyline(s). I'm doing the same thing with my current project. It's a lot of fun watching them unintentionally amplify the other storyline they're stitched in with. You not only get your backstory in more effortlessly, but can pick up some added resonance as well if you're lucky.