Yeah, yeah, some people won. Probably for roles that were really fab or by pity votes. Eddie Murphy losing the Best Supporting Actor role came as a shock, but everything else seemed fairly predictable despite all the hype about how UNpredictable this year stood to be. For the first time in ages, I actually didn't watch the broadcast. That's what a rather lackluster year in film and my near-complete inability to make it to a theater gets for me. Soon, I'll be totally old and won't care at all anymore.

But on to fashions! Am I really this sort of person? Not really, but I feel like being goofy tonight. Plus, a few of my absolute favorite actresses were simply off-the-chart beautiful tonight. Gotta bask in their glow.

What's that they call Julie Newmar in To Wong Fu? Statuesque. That's Cate.

No one, absolutely no one -- not even Naomi Watts (and especially not in that dowdy thing) -- should stand next to Nicole Kidman in a red dress.

Oh, but Rachel Weisz's dress was simply gorgeous. Can't find a full body shot, which is a shame.

Bring on the curves, Kate.

Someone please feed poor Reese. She doesn't even look like herself anymore.

Rinko Kikuchi was simply lovely. Can't wait to see Babel.

Hello, Mr. Bond.

Darn it, now I'm gonna have to see Blood Diamond.

Well, well, Marky Mark. You really wear that suit.* I can disregard the entire awards show because he didn't win for The Departed. Gosh, he was good. (*Points for which film the quote comes from.)


Mircalla said...

cool... i am so glad that you posted about the oscar world. usually superqueen (see link from my blog) reports about red carpet's frocks in her glamorous blog, but, being on the other side of the ocean, you beated her in time. : )

did you watch the whole ceremony?
shame that i missed it, but in england is broadcated only in sky (f*****f paying telly!). claire and penny stayed up all night long to watch it and took the day off today. : )

i want to write a post and compare it with the baftas (which I watched).

the purple dress is lovely. and cate blanchet a goddess.

Ann(ie) said...

WTF? He -didn't- win?

The Academy is on crack.

carrie_lofty said...

Neither did Djimon, because he was nominated in the same category. Cripes.

PaczeMoj said...

Out of Sight?

carrie_lofty said...

Pacze wins the prize... which is, um, memories of that scene in Out of Sight. It's the sexiest either of them -- or Detroit -- will ever be.

jmc said...

Kate Winslet's dress is lovely and very flattering, I think. Love Rachel Weisz's dress, but not the necklace or hair. Always think that up-dos like that look disorganized and frowsy when they accompany formal wear.

Must check out Blood Diamond. Have Babel out from Netflix right now.