Perfect Storm

Keven is calling it "the Perfect Storm of Suckiness" -- which is pretty darn close. I am sick. I could not avoid the illness running around our house, no matter how many zinc anti-cold tablets I ate. Ilsa is better, but Juliette has come down with a nasty little ear infection and isn't eating. A la WebMD, we're home treating with tylenol and a heating pad. Apparently, the only thing a doctor can do is treat with antibiotics after a few days have passed. That does us no good.

Keven's boss estimates that his project -- assigned yesterday; due Wednesday -- will take roughly thirty hours. Yay! Go ahead -- figure up how many waking hours that leaves for class, reading, homework, a presentation on Tuesday, and the fact HE WON'T BE HERE. Kev flies out for a second interview in Akron (three guesses as to the company) on Sunday afternoon, and he won't return until almost 11pm Monday. Leaving sicky me with Sparky the Ear Infection Girl.

And to top it all off, literally, we were dumped on by a good foot of snow last night. It's just EVERYWHERE. Right now, Keven is out in it, picking up his suit from the cleaners, a few kids videos from the library, and more children's tylenol. It is a perfect storm, but nary a George Clooney in sight.

UPDATE: we are under a blizzard warning, with another 7-13" of white shit expected between now and noon tomorrow, visibility down to a quarter mile, and 30mph winds. Fun!


Mircalla said...

oh dear! do you think that the gilrs are more vulnerable to this strict weather?

Mircalla said...

never heard before of this city (akron), so i looked up in wikipedia.

"three guesses as to the company"

1. alcoholics anonymous

2. toy company

3. rubber industry

good luck, kev

carrie_lofty said...

One of your industry guesses is correct. As to the girls and the weather, they've been ill since last Saturday, so we've stayed inside almost the whole time. Now, any time we poke our heads out into the world and come in contact with other people, we seem to get sick. Ick.

We wound up with another foot of snow by daybreak. Keven's flight has NOT been canceled, so he's working like mad to finish up his projects before departing this afternoon. Juliette's ear ache is still here, but Tylenol is working wonders.

Mircalla said...

madison sounds like a completely different city in the winter...

i noticed that your weather avatar and the lake view have disappeared from your blog (?!).

Ann(ie) said...

I hope you stay warm and you all feel better.