Places of Interest (to Me)

I used to think that I worked through writing blocks by taking a shower. I've blogged about this before, but I used to come up with ideas for Serenade in the shower -- something about the white noise of the water, the sensation of unwinding, the (relative) solitude.

But it doesn't work with RWS. Argh. I step in, expect my muse, and NOTHING. After weeks of trying, becoming an excessively clean individual as a by-product, I began to wonder if I had rubbed the shine off my thinky place.

However, this morning, I started to ponder the few transitional bits of dialogue I need to wrap up Sereande edits, to make the emotional and social motivations work more coherently. (Coherence is good.) I only meant to shower for cleanliness purposes, but presto! Words. Ideas. Just like that. I jumped out and scribbled like crazy to get the conversation on paper. The shower seems to be a "Serenade Only" zone, a thinky place where I trained my brain to consider one particular subject -- not writing in general.

So, where is my RWS thinky place? Unfortunately for me, I suspect it's outside. When I take out the trash or head to the laundry room, I talk to myself all medieval like a crazy lady pushing a shopping a cart. I call this unfortunate because, between Saturday and Wednesday, temperatures here will not exceed 10F (-12C). Sunday, our high will be THREE (-16C). Three degrees. One two three. Good thing I'll still be wrapping up Serenade -- my goal is to sub the full by Wednesday -- because I'd freeze to death looking for clues about my next Will Scarlet scene.

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Ann(ie) said...

I tend to think best lying down for some reason. On a couch, on the floor, in bed...

Downside, I fall asleep half the time. My VDH will come in the bedroom and not know if I'm "plotting" or taking a nap.