Props and Poetry

Last night, overcome by the need for something awe-inspiring, I remembered a book I had tried to read but never finished. French. Translated into English. Retelling of Abelard & Heloise. Incredibly poetic language. ARGH!

Amazon may be a great place to buy books, but finding them is another matter. If you do not know the title, you're screwed. Thirty minutes of searching revealed nothing. Not that it was all that important, but my quest took on added significance -- sitting there, teasing my brain. I saw the cover: something stylized, with two people embracing. I saw the title, kinda, with a "Something, Something Something" structure.

This morning, after my weird Clinton dream, my quest resurfaced. I needed to find that darn book. I decided to try the Historical Novel Society. If they couldn't help me, no one could! I gave them my description and, no kidding, the founder replied back in less than a minute. Farewell, My Only One by Antoine Audouard. Props to the historical fiction nerds. What a great resource.

And now, the poetic prose I wanted so badly:
It's a solitude that my body remembers: the solitude of lovers. It's a solitude that I would know even if I had not experienced it: a solitude that can drive one to despair if one is on one's own. You speak to me and I alone hear you. I speak to you and you alone understand me. What I know, you already knew. What you begin, I finish. Have you noticed how beautiful the world is? Do you know how to float off into the sky? Do you want to walk, to talk, to be silent? They speak, they smile. They are silent, they smile. The sun rises over the vineyards of Bercy, and the Seine shimmers with golden reflections -- my hand would not caress your body any better than this.
Reading over the Amazon reviews, I remember the reason why I never finished: both of my girls were under the age of two when I made the attempt. Doh! That wasn't going to happen. And now that I've completed my quest, finding the beautiful except I wanted to re-read, I'm satisfied.

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Ann(ie) said...

That's some gorgeous writing. I might need to check that out myself.