Random Monday

We are in the midst of a deep, deep freeze. This morning, Keven went to work when the temp was -16F (-31F wind chill). I don't think it matters anymore. I mean, once your snot begins to freeze and the water in your eyes begins to freeze, who the hell can tell the difference between -5F and -16F?? But that means the schools are closed today, which nixes my one obligation for this evening: ballet. Frankly, I'm not too shook up about that.

Yesterday, I went out shopping. Drugstore, bookstore (return textbooks for Keven on the last day before we wouldn't get a refund), foodstore (swarming with college kids stocking up on munchies), and printerstore. Yes, I went to Best Buy and invested in a new printer. Isn't it lovely? Keven told me to. After finishing our taxes on Friday, when every single paper came out with a horrible "screech!!!!" noise, I was ready to throw the thing in the lake. Keven did research, found one with good marks, and I went to Best Buy well prepared with info & prices. The only drawback to this one, apparently, is that it doesn't have a memory card slot. Seeing as how I don't use memory cards, I let that deficiency slide. IT IS MADE OF AWESOME. Two-sided printing and everything. So now I have all the accoutrements of a proper office. Maybe one day I'll have a proper job to go with it!

Katka called me mid-afternoon, and we made hasty plans to meet up for dinner last night. She cooked, we brought beers, good times had by all. The girls, again, were on their most excellent "at Katka's house" behavior, and we struggled home at just after 10pm. We had a lot to catch up on because we hadn't seen them since before Thanksgiving.

Today, I expect lots of laundry to find its way to a higher state of cleanliness. I expect lots of television as I finish up Serenade -- I want it out the door by Friday at the latest. And I expect much general griping about the cold. Whether I'll muster the energy for a proper Smart Bitches Monday rant remains to be see. Mostly I'll just finish my review of Lady Jane and gripe about how few people truly appreciate Cary Elwes. Maybe we'll watch The Princess Bride...

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