Sick Kids

The girls have been sick since this weekend, with Ilsa starting first and Juliette following on Saturday night. I have never seen a histamine reaction quite this strong in a cold. Their eyes are fountains, like the worst sort of springtime allergies -- not to mention their snot factory noses. Coughing for Ilsa has become so bad that it sounds like an asthma attack. She can't catch her breath, and then she starts to cry.

Keven has symptoms, too, but I've managed to avoid it thus far. At the grocery store this morning, buying more medicine, I felt a runny nose coming on. I decided to assume the worst and bought more food -- just in case I'm out of it for the rest of the week. When I got home, I started popping zinc drops to try and stave it off. They taste like cherry-flavored metal, so that's unpleasant.

Here's hoping they nap. Poor things.

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