Slither (2006)

Nathan Fillion (Bill), Elizabeth Banks (Starla), Gregg Henry (Mayor Jack), Michael Rooker (Grant)

Directed by James Gunn

From IMDB: "A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters."

Like everyone who loved Firefly and Serenity, I think Nathan Fillion is da bomb. Keven has dubbed him the "Bruce Campbell of the 21st Century," which is certainly apt if this film is any indication of his future in movies. I had heard very high praise for Slither -- that high praise being its favorable comparison to the 1990 classic Tremors.

Alas, this one falls short of B-movie iconic status. The creatures were slimy. The badguy passed his obsession for his wife to all the other zombies, which was amusing. But aside from Nathan Fillion, Slither's monster-fodder cast members did not stand out as memorably as did Reba McEntire and Michael Gross, for example, in Tremors. I enjoyed the foul-mouthed mayor a great deal, but he based his humor on an excessive and inappropriate use of my dad's favorite blue word, c*cks*ck*r. And, of course, Fillion was low key, sarcastic, and sharp.

Did I like this one? If amusement stands as the sole goal for a film, then yes, I was amused. But damn it was squicky.

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