Things Made of Awesome

Yes, I stole that phrase from the Smart Bitches. I will overuse it until someone slaps me. Here goes -- things made of awesome:
  • My hoodie. Purchased while on my trip to Bowling Green last May, my hoodie ranks about #4 on the list of ugliest items of clothing I own. It is, however, the ugliest item of clothing I wear frequently. Gaping open with the interface showing, it sports a bright orange BGSU logo, the requisite hood, and hand warmer pocket thingies. Now I miss the pockets when I wear the more fashionable sweater I received for Christmas. Ha! More fashionable. Pregger dungarees would be more fashionable than my hoodie.
  • On Monday, I heard the girls messing around in their room. I barged in, expecting chaos and evil, but they had just finished making their bed as a surprise. Looked nice, too!
  • Unusual Historicals now runs almost without my intervention. We have regular posting days, pretty steady readers, and lots of cool posts. Next step will be miraculously increasing our site traffic.
  • My new printer. Two hundred double-sided pages?? No problem! Oh, so very rock.
  • The night before last, Juliette managed to go the whole night dry. Last night, no, but we're making progress.
  • I woke up this morning at 6am. On purpose. And got work done. Dude!
  • Keven is working in a class where they must complete a giant group project. Giant as in the size of the study, not the number of people per group. The project targets and studies "tribes" -- groups of people who define themselves, at least in part, through a shared commercial purchase. Yoga class devotees, skateboarders, Harley bikers, Mac fanatics...romance readers. Yes, he is trying to convince his group and his prof to study romance readers. If this happens, he will be able to figure out all sorts of cool things about potential readership. The only trouble is that I know very few plane ole' readers. Of all the romance fans I know, almost every one also writes. Or aspires to write. Or thinks about aspiring to write. Then again, maybe his research will reveal that this is a norm.
For his project, Keven will need to do in-person interviews with romance fans. So, here I put up the bat signal: what reader-based websites do you know? Any places he can visit where non-author romance fans hang out, other than stalking the romance section of Borders?


Jessica said...

Some romance authors have websites, blogs, and/or the blog-like things on Amazon (he might have the best luck with the latter). He might try getting in contact with the authors and asking them to ask their readers to participate.

Ann(ie) said...


I read that first paragraph as:

My Poodle

Try reading it with the word hoodie substituted with poodle. (I have a freaking migraine and I'm going to bed shortly.) I was blinking like, "Damn, why didn't she ever tell me she had a poodle?" This was my FIRST reaction. Then I was I was like, "Huh, why does she WEAR her poodle. Duh, it's ugly clothing, it's a DOG." That was when maybe I decided I better re-read. God, I'm tired.

But it was funnier when I thought you were talking about your wearable poodle, which is made of awesome because it has pockets (and naw, you really don't wanna go there.)

carrie_lofty said...

I seriously laughed out loud. None of the LOL crap.

And as for Keven's project, his prof has deemed romance readershio too broad, even if you study specific genres. Nixed it. Keven's bummed. But I like that he went to bat for my chosen industry :)