Early Morning

Keven stayed up until 3am, which meant he forgot to take the girls to the toilet for their usual midnight pee break. I woke up because of the changing sheets/clothes commotion that followed. And Ilsa has a nasty cough again. Argh!! Will winter ever end? We have contact with exactly 1.72 people each week, but somehow we manage to lick their hands and get sick.

So I'm up.

I read a bit on Yahoo news, trying to get sleepy, and saw an advertisement for the new "Robin Hood" series from the BBC. It's broadcast on BBC America now (with a really flash website). I hope it will conquer the world and foster a resurgence of Robin Hood interest, which is not what Copying Beethoven has done for Serenade. Damn you, Ed Harris!

Yes, I wish for "Robin Hood"'s pervasive and undeniable success, despite the show's utter shite bollocks... wait, no no no, it was FANTASTIC. It's the bestest best thing ever! I love it like ice cream, particularly teenage Robin's hoodie sweatshirt. He's dreamy! I wanna hang out with him and jump around to Fergie!

The producers should have learned a lesson from Prince of Thieves in that one's Guy of Gisborne should not be sexier than one's Robin. High Lord of the Hot Hot Voice, Michael Wincott, is far sexier than Kevin Costner... but so are trees. In this new series, Robin is played by teeny tiny teenybopper Jonas Armstrong (photo), while Guy is played by Richard Armitage (photo). Holy poop! Give me villainy!

The funny thing is, I'm suffering from Mature Womanitis, which is the exact opposite of my reaction to "The Young Riders." I would have loved this "Robin Hood" as a teenager, and I certainly wouldn't have fancied Richard Armitage -- seeing as how he's 35 and therefore old enough to be dad to a junior high kid.

Just in case you're curious, here's their take on Will Scarlet. Ack! Mine eyes!

I suppose this means, however, that my impetus to finish Will Scarlet has been stepped up a little. Strike... iron... hot. I'm really curious how this post will read once I've had more sleep.

And yeah! A second publisher has requested my full for Serenade. That makes multiple agent rejections a little easier to stand.


jmc said...

I saw commercials for Robin Hood while watching The State Within (very good, btw). I must be suffering from Mature Womanitis as well, becaue Guy appealed more than Robin to me, too. I have to wonder who was in charge of casting.

As to Prince of Thieves, Costner didn't do it for me; Guy of Gisborne was okay; Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham caught my attention. That's the first movie I recall seeing him in, although I later saw his Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

Ann(ie) said...

Oooh, ooh, email me. What pub?

Keven said...

"He can construct anything from any material, so long as it's wood"

That made me laugh.

Lyvvie said...

I don't want to be a bubble burster - no really! I love bubbles, but don't get too excited about Robin Hood a la BBC. It was meh. I stopped watching after episode three because the camera guy with his shuddering camera and sudden zoom-ins/zoom-outs were completely distracting to me, and felt too modern a device for the time. Works fine in NYPD Blue, but not in Sherwood Forest.

I'm told it got better, but a bit controversial. Public opinion was very 50/50. Everyone agreed it was no Dr. Who.

Now, really, just about everyone in Prince of Thieves was sexier than Kevin Costner.

carrie_lofty said...

I'd do Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
before Kevin Costner, but that's kinda a no brainer. But Christian Slater first.

I saw the "Robin Hood" series when we were in England over Christmas, the last three episodes of the first series. The hoodie sweatshirt and other modern clothes, the strangely young cast, the random historical inaccuracies, and the general lack of IMPACT just left me cold. (I was teasing in the post, but blog sarcasm rarely works.)

But speaking of "Dr. Who," I do wish they'd send "Torchwood" our way!