Kid Art

I haven't posted anything cute lately, so here are a few of Juliette's latest creations. I would post more of Ilsa's pictures, but she tends to be more utilitarian. Juliette creates perfect masterpieces, while Ilsa draws something beautiful and then uses it as a paper to practice numbers, letters, random scribbles -- multiple layers that are unintelligible by the time she's through.

Because she is a four-year-old girl, Juliette is fascinated by horses. Damn you, My Little Pony. But this is really impressive, especially the meticulous fence and the attempt at perspective.

This one is a little bizarre. I don't know where she came up with the idea for a pumpkin man, but there it is. Saying "happy." And haunting your dreams.

Inspired by Winnie the Pooh, this is Kanga and Roo. When she gets an idea, such as coloring every inch of space with green grass, Juliette is unstoppable.


Ann(ie) said...

Wow, the horse picture is amazing for a four year old. Budding artist.

Ky said...

Wow! What talent!

Watch out for the My Little Pony obsession. My great-grandmother gave me a My Little Pony at the age of three and now, at 27, I still love horses. Been riding for years.