Monday Morning

The Golden Heart and RITA lists are up. You can judge trends by the number of finalists. The paranormal, long contemporary, and romantic suspense categories are maxed out with eight or nine finalists each, while my category, short historical romance, has only five finalists. That means, proportionately, fewer people entered my category -- or there was a severe drop-off in quality after that fifth finalist! I'll get my numerical rankings in a few weeks, to see where I fell in the grand scheme of my category.

In other news, Keven's less-than-two-year-old computer died last night. D-I-E-D. Dead. I have never seen a computer actually stroke out and just... stop working. They normally linger in Outmoded Land, passed at high speed by newer versions. But not this one. The Averatec POS has been on the fritz for ages; we needed to send it back to the manufacturer last spring because the AC adapter shorted the hard drive. It was still under warranty at the time.

Knowing this, Keven saves most of his work stuff to various web hidey places. He mostly lost illegal MP3s, so he's not too shook up about what would have been a disaster for me. Lose all my files?? Jump off a tall building! Splat.

So how do you drop a grand before breakfast? Buy a new computer. Because mine is only four months old, naturally it has been replaced by a version with a faster processor, twice the RAM, a dual-level DVD recorder, better graphics, and 20% more hard drive storage. And all for $50 less at the checkout. It's so new that stores don't yet carry it, so we ordered it to be shipped here this week. Now Keven is happy.

Today, we'll do a library/park combo because the weather is so nice, and then the girls have their last ballet lesson this afternoon. The recital is Friday, which will be Ilsa's first time on stage. I hope.

Oh, when she glows in the dark
And I'm weak by the sight
Of this breath-taking beauty
From which I can't hide..."
"The Swing of Things" by A-Ha

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