Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Roger Rees, David Chappalle

Directed by Mel Brooks (Blazing Saddles)

Plot: Brooks butchers Robin and serves him to dogs.

I take back every mean word I wrote about the recent spate of poor films I've negligently inflicted on myself, including Untamed Heart, Bed of Roses, and Princess of Thieves. Heck, I'll even travel in the Way Back Machine to retrack every heinous comment I ever tossed at Spielberg for War of the Worlds.

In short, this is the worst film I can actively remember watching.

Brooks took everything that was holy and pure about Elwes's very sarcastic, very British comic timing and swirls it around in shite, until not ever Buttercup's beloved Westley could keep his head above the filth. I suffered actual physical pain while watching Elwes endure the role, as if he knew it would be his last. It may as well have been for the terrible damage done to the careers of all involved. Adieu, my poor dear. But I mourn my loss of 104 minutes even more.


Keven said...

WTF was that?

That was worse than Jazz.

Jess said...

AH, but unlike other Robin Hoods, he is the only Robin Hood that speaks with an English accent! Now, imagine going to see that movie with your mother when you're 12 years old...

Keven said...

I'd like to think that even at 12 that would have been a terrible movie. :-)

Clement of the Glen said...

Perhaps you would have prefered Disney's live action version made in 1952. Very much neglected now but very well made my blog is at: