Time for a Break

It's nearly spring. I'm halfway done with RWS. Hubby ALMOST has a job offer. I'm waiting on word back about my full. The kids are too old to be here at home, but they're not yet in school. And I'm sick.

Yes, folks, I'm in limbo. Nothing is here or there. I'm stuck. And it's showing in my WIP.

Since the end of February, I've kept up with my daily goals. However, I cannot maintain this pace. My original plan was to work from December and be finished by the end of March, but that's not happening. I can't make up the time I lost in Jan/Feb -- some of it legit, with Serenade edits -- by killing myself here in March.

Hubby, the gracious keeper of my past life, whose job it is to remind me of how I used to start projects and never finish them, has conceded that this is not the way to go. He takes comfort in the fact I have written 200 pages, and that no matter my complaints or current doldrums, I am not going to ditch it. In light of that, he suggested I take a week off. I agreed.

I'm going to watch movies, go out with the girls and with friends, get a hair cut, read books that don't need editing, and -- on the off chance that I think of something -- I can only use my voice recorder to make notes on the book, no actual writing. I will rework my goals to more accurately reflect reality, and all of this will magically erase my messy feelings so I can get back on track next week.


Jess said...

Definite time for a vacation...
Doldrums always hit around this time of the year. I'm contemplating going down to KY during Lily's spring break (taking her with, of course). We did it last year and had a blast.

Mircalla said...
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Mircalla said...

@ Jess --> What is KY?

@ Lovelysalome --> Don't be too harsh with yourself! I can't believe that "you used to start projects and never finish them", because since I have known you, you have accomplished so many activities and made great progresses!

Enjoy the coming spring. A haircut will help. I had one just yesterday with a funky edgy fringe, which I am not sure it suits me but it is sweet and fun (if you stick it up it is so short that it stays up).
: )

Keven said...

KY is Kentucky