An Update, Done in Random Format

My full request for Serenade has been out for five weeks -- not that I'm counting.

Golden Heart finalists will be notified by phone call on Sunday and announced publicly on Monday -- not that I'm paying attention.

Seven agents have yet to reply to my initial batch of queries -- not that their replies will vary from the ones I've received.

"American Idol" did a British Invasion night without providing more than two and a half minutes of actual entertainment. Sad.

No news on Keven's job front.

We need a vacation. Anywhere. But soon. And my break from writing ends today. Back to the word count...

I went shopping with Jenn on Saturday to buy a dress for the upcoming MBA Spring Ball, which was a blast last year. She picked out a dress for me, one I discarded because it was brown and only available in Size 6. I had my heart set on a red dress, something curvy and swank. After a round of Size 8 dresses that fit like sacks, I had to put my clothes back on and go a-hunting for a Size 6.

Blow me! No way! I checked, and the dresses in my closet are all eights or tens! My butt has not dwindled. My thighs have not decided to join the ranks of too-skinny movie stars. Both butt and thighs are happily floppy, unconcerned with too many bouts of calorie counting or minutes on a StairMaster. So what is up with sizing? Makes me wonder what happens to the teeny tiny Size Twos out there. Will they eventually disappear altogether, like an extinct species? Will we force-feed them cheeseburgers until they make it up to a Size Zero?

In the end, I bought the brown dress, one I decided to call "chocolate" instead, because that sounds more luscious. Satin overlaid with tulle, it's a lovely drop-waist, knee-length concoction with a gathered bust line. Whatever. All I know is that it makes me a lovely hourglass shape, the neckline is such that I can wear my padded bra, and the hemline makes my legs look longer. All of this, and only $40 (on sale from $85). Rock. That, coupled with the dinner at Olive Garden, an ice cream desert, and ogling fashions straight out of my junior high years, made for a lovely night out with Jenn.

We (me, the girls, Jenn & Calvin) hit the zoo yesterday for an rather unmemorable visit. The chimps played a bit rough, and we had the chance to speak to the zookeeper about them for a while -- until the under-4s ran out of attention span. Later, the male lion got frisky with the female, which elicited knowing smiles among the assorted moms and unknowing comments like "they're hugging" from the kids. Yup. Lots of love. High 30s and sunshine looked nice, but a vicious wind meant most of the animals stayed inside. The outing just made spring feel like a still-distant concept.

New thing: I love song lyrics, so I'm going to start concluding posts with lyrics from heavy rotation songs.

Stole a look across the room.
An elusive smile -- soon, baby, soon.
One minute for every hour,
But time hasn't been on our side, on our side.
-- "Stars" by Alejandro Fuentes


Mircalla said...

As soon as you hear of Kev's job, you have to have a holiday!!! : )

I would love to see a photo of your dress! It sounds lovely!

And be patient... this is going to become my motto...

Jess said...

Why not take a trip down to the parental units house for the weekend?? Relaxify!