While writing dialogue for my RWS heroine yesterday, I began to speak her lines like Eva Green in Casino Royale. Yes, I'm channeling Vesper Lynd, which should make Keven inordinately pleased. And yes, that means my dear sweet, blind, smart, insecure heroine is actually somewhat of a ball-breaking bitch. Good. I knew she had it in her. I just took her for coy, but apparently not.
See what happens when I'm left alone with the kids for three days?

"It won't give up,
It wants me dead,
Goddamn this voice inside my head."
"The Becoming" by NIN

Although Trent would have been a whole lot happier, overall, if he had Eva Green whispering in his brain rather than some Ian Curtis-lite paranoia.

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Anonymous said...

I don't look for a couple of days and you start quoting NIN.
Bah! and indeed Humbug!

"You can live in this illusion, you can choose to believe."