I finaled in a contest for the first time! Specifically, the Wisconsin RWA chapter's Fab Five contest, which judges the first ten pages of an MS with no synopsis. Basically the opening hook. I submitted Redeeming Will Scarlet's first ten pages back in late February, just to get an idea of initial feedback.

The winning historical entry will be determined by Leah Hultenschmidt of Dorchester (who already admits I write a mean query letter), to be announced at the Wisconsin conference in early July. We'll already be moving by then, so I won't be able to attend. But what a surprise! Just a random phone call a few minutes ago from the contest coordinator, her dog barking away in the background. Awesome!

But awwww crap -- that means I need to finish this monster!

In other news, I received my score results for the Golden Heart contest. Judges scored Serenade as a 5, 5.6, 6, 8, and 9 (each out of a possible 9), or 33.6 total out of 45 points possible. That is quite some variation! I wound up scoring, statistically, in the 50%-75% range of averages. Fair enough. The partial did its job and landed me a full request...and then I hacked it to pieces and made it better before submitting the full. I understand now why I received those lower marks, which is all a gal can hope for when faced with mediocre scores.

"It's a beautiful day.
Don't let it get away."
"Beautiful Day" by U2


jmc said...


Keven said...

Range is better than consistency.

The 9 would buy the book.

Tess said...

Major congrats!! Fingers crossed.

As for your GH scores, those aren't too bad, considering how many people end up with ranges from 3 - 9 (or, in my case last year, 3 - 8).

Ann(ie) said...

Congrats! RWS will be the book, I'm telling you.

Tess said...

Yay! Congratulations!

P.S. It's always nice to see another Tess. :)

Jacqueline Barbour said...

Hey, Carrie! I got the same phone call from the contest coordinator with the barking dog *g. I finaled in the same category with my second manuscript, which is also nowhere CLOSE to finished. (I've written about 11,500 words, as of today, lol!) Fortunately, the final seems to have lit a fire under my butt and unstuck me on that manuscript--woohoo! You were the only one of the finalists whose name I recognized, so congrats to you. (Because they won't let me use my pen name on contest entries, mine shows up rather stupidly under my real name, but what's a woman to do?)

Anyway, best of luck to you in the contest! I wish us both well.


Fang Bastardson said...

Congrats! You've sure put in the work; it's about time you started reapping soome benefits!

You remain My Good Example.