Happy Endorsement

Last night I learned that Sweet Land, my favorite romance movie of last several years, was released to theaters in December. Since then, it has grossed more than it cost to make, which bodes well for first-time director and all-around nice guy, Ali Selim.

At last year's Wisconsin Film Festival, where Sweet Land was voted audience favorite of the festival, Selim answered questions after the showing. Until then, I had never been part of a behind-the-scenes movie experience. Films are made in some faraway and unapproachable land of stardom, not by real people. But in talking with the director, hearing the story of his struggles, this film experience took on more personal resonance for me.

And this morning, after e-mailing their publicity crew for information, I learned the DVD will be released on July 10. I adore this film. Put it in your Netflix queue. Advance order it from Amazon. Request a copy for your library. It's wonderful.

In this clip, Olaf (Tim Guinee) and Frandsen (Alan Cumming) try to convince Inge (Elizabeth Reaser) that, because Olaf and Inge had not yet married, she needs to stay with Frandsen and his family. But this is only the start of Olaf's frustrations.

Useful links: my review, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and the official site.

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