I Love Dallas in July

Since finaling for the Hearts Through History contest, I learned:

Winners will be announced at Hearts Through History's annual meeting at the RWA National conference, Dallas 2007. Should the winner not be in attendance, he or she will be notified by email or telephone shortly after.

I sobbed a little on the inside, thinking that I'd hear the results second hand sometime after everyone got home and bothered to phone. I want to go! I want to be at my own little Oscar ceremony!

(As an aside, I love that the notice says "he or she will be notified." Men do write romances, generally under pseudonyms, but I found the conference FAQ very telling -- advice like "don't wear high heels" and "the air conditioning can get chilly, so you might consider a sweater set." Nationals are so girly girly!)

But no. While I'd found a legitimate excuse to attend, I didn't feel like going by myself. Where's the fun in that?

Then Ann(ie), hard-ass crit partner and freshly-published author, said she was going... or maybe not, because she didn't want to go alone either. She didn't have a hotel reservation, hadn't registered for the conference, and was seriously thinking of chickening out.

Thus, through the miracle of online chatting, we dared and harassed each other until -- voilĂ  -- we're roommates. We're going to Nationals. Woot! I'll attend as an unpublished nobody so that maybe, one day, I can attend with some confidence and panache as a published gal.

I have just enough time to finish RWS between now and the July 11 conference start. I also have just enough time to sort through the agent and editor lists to schedule on-site appointments. Pitch appointment registration begins for PROs on May 1. I haven't missed it!

(As another aside, we so-called PROs must be the most pathetic creatures in RWA. They are folks like me, writers who have completed and submitted at least one manuscript but with no sales. That means we've dedicated a ton of time to the pursuit but with nothing to show for it yet. We'll sit around and console each other at the PRO Retreat.)

But OH OH OH, do you know what this means? Swimming pools! movie stars!

Well, at least writing stars. I'm not a fangirl by any stretch, but this will just rock. I'll get to meet Ann and another crit friend, Patti, and hang out for four days, maybe even meeting up with some of the Unusual Historical contributors I've assembled. All that plus book signings, a hundred workshops, luncheons, a formal gala dinner and awards ceremony, the Hearts Through History chapter meeting, and a genuine, by-myself airplane ride -- my first since May 26, 1997!

The only questions now are: will I have heard back from the three publishers that have Serenade? Will our marriage survive if Keven and I are apart for a second anniversary in a row? And from which airport will I depart?

"Dallas packed her suitcase
And drove off in the brand new car I bought her.
She made leaving me look easy --
I wish she'd made it look a little harder."
"Dallas" by Alan Jackson


reckless monkey said...

Give my regards to Debbie

Ann(ie) said...

Squee! We're going!

Mircalla said...

fantastic! you two will have great fun at the event!

good luck!