Miscellaneous Wednesday

It's snowing. Again. No one here has put their sleds into storage, with good reason, although the lawn chairs and fans have emerged from various basements. On Saturday, two tornadoes touched down in the area. Go figure. Wisconsin weather is schizophrenic.

I had to crack up: the girls ran into the house on Sunday, shouting about how they saw a snake. "Mommy, we didn't touch it because snakes can bite us!" Ok, so I was curious. I ran outside and they pointed to it, swimming in the muck. An earthworm. I assured them it was not a snake, but yes, they did just perfect in the event of snake emergency. I picked it up and showed them how the earthworm is harmless. Juliette held it; Ilsa would only touch it a little.

Our friends Richard and Jenny are flying in from D.C. late Thursday night. Because they are visiting through the weekend, I might miss the opportunity for a golf nap altogether. Look here. See, I'm not the only person who appreciates the fine art of golf napping. Hmmm. spend time with friends I have not seen since last June... or nap. Life is full of dilemmas and compromises :)

What remains to be seen is whether Jenn R. will go into labor anytime soon. Her mother doesn't fly in for another two weeks, so we're on point for CalvinWatch when the moment comes. I have two planned outings over the next two weeks -- an opera and the Spring Ball -- but we cannot set firm babysitting plans because the little one is about to pop. And Katka's in Slovakia! And Keven's flying to Florida next week for a pair of interviews! Argh!

In other news, I spent more than two hours on the phone with my brother last night. He is acting as my Official Idea Man for RWS, which means I now have a shitload of new material to confuse and excite me. He elaborated on a bunch of cool scene ideas, but I'm sure a solid plot will emerge one day soon. Yay! Brother = Rawk.

And for anyone who has suffered children's television programs beyond toleration, I give you Malaka (by way of Keven). Yes, yes, I brought it on myself. If I had more effectively dedicated myself to a non-TV childhood for my girls... oh, that's right -- I'd be insane rather than merely annoyed. But this is funny.


Mircalla said...

I can still remember the first time i saw a earth-worm and confused it with a snake!!! : )

Wow! with this excuse of interviews Kev is travelling all over America!

Have a good Easter! We are off to Italy to celebrate it!

Tess said...

I love that parody! I am much fonder of children's TV than I ever thought I'd be. How did Ma Ingalls manage without it?