Mystery Solved

Well, Jenn's uterus thoughtfully provided answers regarding our babysitting arrangements. She and Jas dropped off Calvin at our house late last night. Ta-dah! Baby! Theodore Ambrose Ritzema was born at 2:45am and is perfectly healthy, if just a tiny bit small and early. But then, Calvin was too. No surprises, no complications, and everyone's strong and healthy.

Cal woke up this morning at 6am with "Miss Carrie? Miss Carrie??" He's an early riser, which is as foreign as speaking Japanese in our house. The girls jumped out of bed just afterward. I AM TIRED. But it was my own fault for staying up past 1am last night. Sympathy sleepiness? Nah. Just working on compiling our home videos from the last YEAR into one DVD. It's all finished now, which is nice, but sleep would have served me better. Keven retreated to our bedroom as soon as the kids woke up (we spent the night on the futon while Cal slept in our room). Once Jas comes by to fetch Calvin later today, I'll head to napland. Richard & Jenny fly in tonight, so I don't want to be falling asleep during our visit.

Big hugs and congratulations to the Ritzema family!

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Ann(ie) said...

Congratulations on the new baby!