Oops, He Did It Again

Yup, that Will Scarlet is one popular fellow... I finaled in another contest!

The Hearts Through History (*gag*) chapter of RWA is an online chapter devoted solely to historical romance writers. Their contest, Romance Through the Ages, gathers the best in the genre and judges the first 30 pages (as well as a 2-page, unjudged synopsis). Basically, a kick-ass partial. Only the top three scoring entries in a category advance. TOP THREE! That's me! Rock on my learning curve!

This contest is a little unique in that I now have two weeks to use the suggestions posited by the judges to revise the entry. Then it's off to Allison Brandau of Berkeley in NY for the final. Berkeley doesn't accept unagented submissions, so this is a big deal. It means I'll get my MS in front of an editor who normally only accepts agent-subbed partials. I'll backdoor my way in, dammit! Squee!

But now I'm getting nauseous. Check out my progress meter. Does it look 100% yet? HELL no. Awwww crap.


Ann(ie) said...

Great news!! Congrats, Carrie.

Didn't I tell you this was the one?

Good luck with the insane rush to finish the ms and the amnesia that will follow said rush. But ...y'know, when you said you were taking notes on what I did, maybe you shouldn't have followed my path quite so assiduously...

Pacze Moj said...



Tess said...

Oh my goodness--things are really starting to happen for you! Good luck, and have fun at the conference!