I want to reassess how I portrayed my day out with the girls yesterday. I was tired, and that fatigue made me more terse than I should have been. The day was actually quite lovely. Last night, I kept thinking about our search for shoes and how utterly girly it was. Pretty shoes!!

I told them that I was looking for a pair of brown fancy shoes, their term for high heels. They proceeded to prance through Marshall's as if on high heels. Juliette actually spotted a pair of really nice leather pumps in a croc pattern, but they didn't come in my size. They also took to picking out all the red shoes they could find. What is it about little girls and red shoes?

At DSW, next door, Ilsa literally stood in the doorway and said, "Wow, so many shoes." A tone of awe colored her voice, much like my reaction to Daniel Craig donning a tux. Whenever they spotted a pair of brown shoes, they pointed it out to me. I would comment, maybe too strappy, too tall, too square, too ugly. They really liked the "ugly" designation, taking it upon themselves to find ugly shoes. "Mama, these shoes are really ugly." Or, as Ilsa would say, "Mawmy, deez shoes awr wewwy ugwee." And about 95% of the time, they were absolutely correct. Fast learners with better taste than me.

DSW also played this funky world music soundtrack for our entire stay, and both girls just loved it. They danced in a parade, Juliette showed off her "funky moves" (her words), and they showed off to each other in the full-length mirrors. The ample distractions kept them occupied as I cruised up and down the aisles.

At the McDonald's playland, two new incidents took place. First, Juliette barreled down the twisty slide and collided with a proto-walker standing at the base. Visibility on twisty slides is pretty bad, so Juliette did not have time enough to stop herself once she spotted the girl. The mom was quick to say the fault was hers because the girl had wandered into the way of oncoming peril. Juliette, however, was distraught. She cried and cried, to the point where the other mother tried to console her and demonstrate that the little girl was OK. However, I think she was just afraid of getting into trouble for the incident. I assured her it was an accident, that it wasn't her fault.

Later, she was up in the play airplane cockpit using the steering wheel. Another boy, about three, came in and pushed her out of the way, trying to take possession of the wheel. Juliette didn't hit back or shout, she just held onto the wheel and looked down to us parents for help. The boy mom's started to shout at the kid, rather commonly (these days) named Logan, and told him to let go. Logan refused. In fact, he hit Juliette on the shoulder.

Oh, the mom lost it. She handed her infant to a friend (the mother of the girl who Juliette beamed) and proceeded to crawl through the kid-sized tunnels to retrieved the doomed boy. Doomed! She popped her head in and dragged her boy from the cockpit. "You apologize to that little girl. You do not hit people. I cannot believe you hit her!" And so ended Logan's play time. Doomed, I say! She apologized to me on the way out, which was nice.

Juliette, to her credit, never retaliated. She simply held her ground and would not relinquish the steering wheel. I think she'd had enough of questionable encounters with smaller children. I praised her for letting the grown-ups handle the situation. Too often, she takes matters like that into her own fists.

So those happenings, along with a couple pleasant shopping bits, the girls' overall impeccable behavior, their first drive-through car wash, and a nice visit to the library made for a really memorable day. Long and tiring, yes, but good fun. Now that I'm better rested, I just had to set the record straight.

However, the snow sucks. I had the right to gripe about that yesterday. This looks more like December than April.And in other news, Keven is enjoying his lovely days in Florida. He'll tour the west next week, visiting both California and Arizona. Maybe they have jobs? Here, the farmer's market opens on the 21st. I hope the snow is gone by then.

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At least your pants still fit? ;-)