@%!#&! Snow

It's April. The weather folks are forecasting 3-5 inches of snow by daybreak, with a total of 7-11 inches by sundown Thursday. Some things are just wrong and mean. Glad I ran through all our errands today. Who knew I'd have such an immediate need for the Play-Doh we bought and the movies we checked out of the library? I thought to keep them for a rainy day... but snow so qualifies.

In other news, my husband's in Tampa. Last night, he had filet mignon (at a seminar) and I ate frozen pizza (at home). Ah, my life...

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Jess said...

I love Hollywood Video. Casino Royale (special 2 disc widescreen version, thank you very much), Borat and Little Miss Sunshine for $20. Woot. That would be good for a snow day or two... ;-)