Speaking of Arizona...

I was again looking at apartments in warm, distant locales. Arizona, it seems, has all the heat and scenery and gorgeous water fun of Florida, but without the bugs -- except for the scorpions, maybe. Apartments, of course, are the best bet. One day, when the city runs out of water and the desert reclaims the entire region, it'll be best NOT to own property.

My only two memories of living in Arizona as a child: my head bent over the sink while mom washed my hair when a tumbleweed blew into our living room, and playing with the sand in the front yard. Neither of those memories look like this: But apparently, that's Arizona. As Borat would say, "Very niiiice."

And despite my earlier claims to the contrary, San Jose doesn't look as $cary as I thought... and it has the added advantage of being four feet from some of the most gorgeous places in the world. Sonoma. San Francisco. The Pacific Ocean. It is, however, stuck smack in the middle of mindf**ked state.

"I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight,
With a million stars all around."
"Easy, Peaceful Feeling" by The Eagles


Jess said...

Lily says that she would like a swimming pool like that and says that "That must be what Jayne is doing digging all those holes in our back yard." I say if Jayne is doing that, THANK YOU JAYNE! Now, I wonder if our doggie can pour concrete, lay tile, etc.. all to achieve the necessary yumminess of this pool??

Mircalla said...

just noticed that you removed the weather avatar! i usually come to check the weather here!!!! : (