Tulip Can't Poop

Remember when I said that Tulip was having difficulty swimming straight? Well, you lazy readers didn't think to warn me against the potential of an obvious swim bladder problem: she's constipated!

I thought I might be overfeeding her, but even her currently reduced diet has left her bloated. Today, her gills began to stick out on either side of her face. EWW!

But never fear. What we don't know about fish poop and swim bladders can be found, instead, on the internet. Before mealtime, I need to soak her pellets so she doesn't waste internal moisture when digesting the dry food, and I need to add vegetation to the water -- some peas, for example. But the gal keeps trying to choke herself on half peas. Now I'm back to smashing up peas for dependent creatures, like feeding infants again.

The girls are never, ever getting a dog.


Jess said...

"The girls are never, ever getting a dog." Famous last words, says I. I never thought I'd have two really large crazy ass dogs, let alone two insane cats that duke it out nightly on my bed, but I do...

Mircalla said...

you have educated them so well to love animals (juliette knows more animals than i do) that you can deprive of the best *amigo de el hombre*!

researches show that kids growing up with dogs are *better people*...

but then i appreciate that it is like to have an additional child! i shall factor this in in my baby plans: my idea is to have a dog as soon as i go into maternity. ; )


Keven said...

How did the researchers define 'better people'? That seems like a very vague term

There will be no dogs.