Thursday Thirteen: 2007 Songs

Despite my recent addiction to Cocteau Twins and A Perfect Circle, I have been trying to stay with music from this year. Here are thirteen songs released in 2007 that really jive my juice. Or something. Links are to videos on YouTube--official if possible, fanvids if necessary.

1. "Candyman" (Christina Aguilera; Back to Basics; released as a single 10 Apr): It's like the Naughty Andrews Sisters. I feel the urge to find a well-endowned serviceman from 1942 and jitterbug...if ya know what I mean.

2. "Black Widow" (Dolores O'Riordan; Are You Listening, 15 May): The former 90s queen of Irish alt anger decides that she really doesn't need those crusty hangers-on called The Cranberries. This is a manic and highly uneven track that rocks out like Tool, if you wait for it.

3. "What Goes Around" (Justin Timberlake; FutureLove / SexSounds; released as a single 5 Mar): I heard this song on the Grammys this spring. You know--the Grammys, that hotbed of cutting edge music. Ha! It's probably been panned by everyone who's anyone among the 15-yo set, but this live performance finally gave me a hint as to what all the Timberlake fuss is about.

4. "Sanctify" (Calla; Strength in Numbers, 20 Feb): Saw them live with Interpol last month. The opening bass solo in menacing and makes me happy in that special way. The vocals are trying hard for NIN angst, but not quite.

5. "Whine Up" (Kat Deluna feat. Elephant Man; 9 Lives, 7 Aug): Lots of summertime sexin' up to be had here. She raps in a nifty patois, and it's daaaamn danceable. I don't know what "whine up" means, not exactly, but I have a general idea. I'm not slow. Really.

6. "Back to Black" (Amy Winehouse; Back to Black; released as a single 30 Apr): Poor Amy. I was convinced for months that it was all an act--the airheaded, strung-out-on-horse-tranquilizers druggie thing. But no. Only truly messed up blues girls can make music this good.

7. "Paralyzer" (Finger Eleven; Them Vs. You Vs. Me, 6 Mar): It's like Franz Ferdinand, but kinda sucky. I can't stop listening.

8. "Makes Me Wonder" (Maroon 5; It Won't Be Soon Before Long, 22 May): Someone wrote that if Adam Levine gets any skinnier, he'll be a coathanger. True. And as a performer, he is one smug git. But the song is silly and catchy and addicting. Go now, children--go disco.

9. "Apologize" (One Republic; Timbaland Presents Shock Value, 3 Apr): Dang. See, I watched them perform on "SYTYCD" and they were strangely incongruous. Let's dance! Have fun! But wait--break for angsty, moody, cello-playing Coldplay/The Fray wannabes. It was so out of place. As a single, however, it's brilliant. Shows that Timbaland has a vaguely diverse but talented ear for, well, talent.

10. "Still Your Ghost" (Rondo Brothers feat. Kelly Atkins; Seven Minutes to Midnight, 19 Jun): Oh, oh, this is great. Shake your head violently! Go! Be fans!

11. "L.S.F." (Mark Ronson feat. Kasabian; Version, 16 Apr): On this one, Kasabian sounds like Ian Brown or some other 90s Brit throwbacks. Awesome stuff. Groovy, ominous, and catchy.

12. "Rewind" (Paolo Nutini; These Streets, 30 Jan): What a whiny bastard. It's on my list tho, because sometimes I'm in the mood for whiny bastards.

13. "Way I Are" (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.; Timbaland Presents Shock Value, 3 Apr): This one leaves me conflicted. As a ditty, it's perfection--the ultimate dance track, all beats and hooks and fun. As a statement, it's repulsive--hey, honey, you may be a broke-ass scrub, but no worries. My love is free. Like a cow. Giving away its milk. And don't even get me started on the grammar. Just shut up and dance.

I didn't include either Blonde Redhead's immaculate "23" or Interpol's heart-stopping "Pace is the Trick" because I've already talked about them here and here. And they're incomparable. These thirteen are fun and occasionally classicgood, but they'll mostly fill my ears until the next batch of disposable pop songs comes my way.

What songs from 2007 have caught your ear so far?

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