After my little whine last week about my WIP, I hit a solid wall. What the hell? Why isn't this working? Absolutely craptastic. Patti, my favorite author shrink, said it's because I'm writing with massive expectations now, whereas TNFKaRWS was basically for myself. A relative lark. True! But what to do? I gave myself permission to take the weekend reading what I've written, to see if it truly is was heinous as I thought.

Parts of it, yes. Other parts...definite potential. They're good enough to leave them for the edits stage. But I did cut (GULP) 10,000 words of my 30K manuscript. Much of what I cut can be salvaged in various forms, and cutting what I did cleared a serious obstacle from my progress. The obstacle?

MONASTERIES ARE BORING. An unavoidable truth.

So now that I have them pursued by foot soldiers from the family that once enslaved the hero...much better! As the Grandson in The Princess Bride said, "Murdered by pirates is good." Now if only there was a way to include pirates...

The parson's little daughter was as sweet as sugar candy.
I said to her, 'Us sailors would make lovers neat and handy,
Cause there's fire down below.'
"Fire Down Below" by Nick Cave

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