Tuesday Bells, Tuesday Bells...

Random self-centered stuff about publishing minutiae...feel free to ignore...

Yesterday I submitted my dedication, acknowledgements, and author bio for TNFKaRWS. I also have my author photos done, but I can't post them yet. I think they turned out quite well, one smiley and one serious.

If His Kiss is Wicked by Jo GoodmanJo Goodman, the USA Today Bestselling author of If His Kiss is Wicked, agreed to blurb for me and had this to say: "A clever imagining of characters we thought we knew. I thoroughly enjoyed it." She never gives blurbs because she's afraid of the obligation if she hates someone's work, but that my title (Redeeming Will Scarlet) drew her in. Doh! But I'm so pleased Jo agreed to get on board with Will!

Oh, I'd write more but...it's Tuesday. Merry Tuesday!! Swimming, school, tae kwon do. The bonus today is the girls have school pictures not an hour after swimming, so there will be mad hair combing and drying to be done, and then the tae kwon do is having a Halloween party. I'll crack up if Juliette has to do anything in her astronaut costume. But dudes, I paid for exercise and instruction! Not a candy fest! As if they don't have enough opportunities already to snag sweets.

This is such a cool song, and it goes with the Halloween season...if you ignore that it's really a dark satire about picking off immigrants with a shotgun.

I watched TV--it informed me
I was an ordinary man with ordinary desire
And there must be accountability.
Desperate and misinformed, fear will keep us all in place.
So I go hunting for witches.
Hunting for Witches" by Bloc Party

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