Drool, you ask? Drool for food or hot guys or shiny trinkets? No. Drool, as in I should be so damn asleep that I wake up in a puddle of drool and quickly look around to see if anyone notices as I inconspicuously flip the pillow. But I'm not asleep. I'm sitting dutifully at my desk to work on &*$^@%! UHR#2. If my characters would just stop horsing around and behave themselves--preferably Chris Isaakjust telling me well in advance what they'd like to do in any given scene--I'd appreciate it. Instead they hang around being all UNinteresting. *panics* And that doesn't change the fact that me + four hours sleep = cranky, grumpy, tear-stained, scatterbrained ho. Don't let that smiley pic of me in the sidebar fool you. I'm hardcore evil today.

I want to get done so I can pass out after "House" tonight. But now I'll console myself with prettyboy Chris.

You wake up in the middle of the day and say you're sleepy.
Well of course you're sleepy, baby, you've been up all night.
I'm Not Sleepy" by Chris Isaak

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