Happy Day!

My friend and invaluable critique partner Patti Ann Colt just released her first book, The Daddy Spell, this very morning. Yay for Patti! Her role as one of my CPs is talking me off ledges, so I love her like crazy. Here's the blurb:

Five-year-old sisters Boo and Lindy want a daddy, and anything goes in their quest, including a secret spell known only to the twins. On a lonely country road, Chad Applegate appears out of nowhere to help the girls and their mother rescue an injured dog. Robin Harmon's stubborn independence and breathtaking curves mesmerize the handsome pumpkin farmer, and her daughters charm him. They, in turn, are fascinated by his tales of pumpkin magic.

Despite Chad's captivating blue eyes and tender kisses, Robin cannot believe his happily-ever-after promises. Experience has proven those kinds of dreams never come true. Will Robin deny the possibility of forever or will her daughters' daddy spell work its magic?
So cute. Congratulations, Patti! I've already ordered my print copy. I've reserved a little corner of my library for friends' books. Too cool.

In other news, we went to the girls' preschool yesterday for parents' night, where lots of folks sit around in too-small chairs and try to figure out the special vocabulary of the classroom. I poked a cut-out of South America, helped wash a baby, put 100 individual number tiles on a board in numerical order, read a story, and played with three-dimensional shapes. I think Keven did I Spy, constructed a felt person, read some more, and colored a map. Ilsa said something like, "Mommy, you're really good at counting to 100!" Glad to know I haven't lost an ounce of smarts. Good times...

And finally, I have a Yahoo web group now. About me! Just me! How weird is that? Sounds totally conceited. Come, join up, be my friend...and best of all, receive updates and such when the books are coming out.

Violently happy--
Come calm me down
Before I get into trouble.
"Violently Happy" by Bjork

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