It's What You Want for Christmas...

...in 2008.

That's right, folks. My debut will be released in December of '08. The title?


Woot! It's catchy, unique, and I can say it with a straight face! Best of all it contains the word "scoundrel," which always makes me think happy thoughts of the kissing scene in The Empire Strikes Back. And if I don't think of Han Solo, I think of "Scoundrel Days" by A-HA, which I've already said has significance in my family. Now I'll add Will Scarlet to my list of happy scoundrels.

Better yet, I get to make silly marketing puns with the word "want," like this post title, and quote the old Strange Days tagline: "YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT"--which means now I'm thinking about Ralph Fiennes. What a nice morning.

Mind, my editor is quick to say that it's not officially official until money has been invested in the cover. And the release date isn't officially official until the damn thing is on the shelves. So I'll post updates if need be.

And see, as our lives are in the making,
We believe through the lies and the hating
That love goes free.
Scoundrel Days" by A-Ha

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